Twin Peaks Limited Event Series Soundtracks

Twin Peaks The Limited Event Series provided ample creative threads to work with for the marketing of the new Soundtracks.  Alexis Fleisig produced the three teaser clips and VVVOID manned the coding of the Search for the Zone site. The website, which coincided with Part 9 of the series, launched in stealth mode, but was quickly picked up by fans and media. We weren't sure  how long it would take people to discover it, but we broke the internet for a time on the morning of the launch... so we labeled it a success. Working with Dean Hurley and the Twin Peaks team was a thrill.  

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Esquire Magazine
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Throughout the lead up to the release of the soundtracks we produced several activations: Amoeba Hollywood in store soundtrack signing with David Lynch, KCRW evening with Jason Bentley, a Bang Bang Bar soundtrack pop up at the Festival of Disruption, and a special Record Store Day event in New Orleans. (click on photos for full screen view)

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