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Fresh Condiments is an LA-based one stop shop for marketing, brand development, event production and creative writing. I survive on a steady diet of art, film, fashion, philanthropy and music.  I can provide oversight on a whole project, driving the creative development and execution of all aspects (marketing, graphics, social media, website, content production, PR, sponsor relations, advertising), OR I can do any one or handful of these things separately.  


I collaborate with clients and brand partners to find the creative and most impactful ways to affect their market. Sometimes it's the little things that contribute to a big win and sometimes the most obvious path is not the best one.  



Talent Producer / Project Manager/Marketer

Working with bands throughout my entire career makes talent production and building plans for music projects and festivals second nature to me.  Relationships with agents, managers and bands allows for nearly seamless integration into organizing and assisting with talent needs and project planning.   

Recent projects: ArcLight Cinemas, Station to StationAir + Style, Twin Peaks Limited Event Series Soundtracks, Joni Mitchell, Beastie Boys, Coldplay, Bottlerock Napa Valley

Event Producer

Project management makes you a jack-of-all-trades.  It requires that you are able to multi-task expertly and have enough knowledge of all aspects of a project to direct traffic appropriately. From launching a pop-up artisanal makers market to an annual Planned Parenthood benefit breakfast, to building an arts non-profit, and a Marfa, TX Field Trip, event production provides the thrill of that 24/7 event life that is stressful to some, but invigorating to me.

Media Director

PR runs in my blood.  It's where I started and where my head goes when thinking about a project.  Editorial coverage is great - and necessary - but it isn't just the words that matter... it's the creative around the campaign that completes the picture and provides the strongest brand platform.  A project strategy is obviously more than just the PR, so the PR has to be bigger than just the pitch.  PR people who think like marketers are the strongest team members.  https://www.latimes.com/books/la-et-jc-this-is-not-la-20181005-story.html  http://www.wnpr.org/post/music-midnight-makes-conversation-joni-mitchell


Over the years, where ever I have had the opportunity to craft a story, I've jumped at the chance. Whether it was interviewing Paul Weller for B-Side Magazine in the 90's or writing record reviews for fanzines like Bunny Hop and Speed Kills while I was part of the "indie music scene" in Chicago, I loved every minute of it. I don't write about music much anymore, unless it's a press release or website/social media content, but I have been most honored to become a contributor to Art Nerd and Barb.  In addition, web content for ART from the ashes provide a strong and purposeful outlet for my words.  


T: 760 464 5967

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