Marketing Strategy

Marketing and project management require that you are able to multi-task expertly and have enough knowledge of all aspects of a project to direct traffic appropriately. Crafting that full overview and serving as the architect of a project is something that I am compelled to do.  It is also extremely rewarding to be able to be that train conductor who keeps everything moving and takes the project from start to successful finish or launch.   

PR runs in my blood.  It's where I started and where my head goes when thinking about a project. With that strong foundation, I am able to contribute media strategy and concepts to any campaign. 



Content Creation

Over the years, where ever I have had the opportunity to craft a story, I've jumped at the chance - whether it was interviewing Paul Weller for B-Side Magazine in the 90s; creating coveted promotional merchandise for Twin Peaks Soundtracks; or hosting interview segments for new record releases with Tori Amos; Trio: Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris; and The Cars. 

Web/social, blog posts, bios, video clip concepts, advertising and merchandise copy... it all stems from the overarching brand narrative.  Having an engaging personality can have a great impact on a potential customer.  

Event Production & Talent

Working with bands throughout my entire career has made talent production and building plans for music projects and festivals second nature to me.  Relationships with agents, managers and bands allows for nearly seamless integration into organizing and assisting with talent needs and project planning.

From launching an annual Planned Parenthood benefit breakfast, to building an arts non-profit, a Twin Peaks Soundtrack pop up shop and a Marfa, TX Field Trip, event production provides the thrill of that 24/7 event life that is stressful to some, but invigorating to me.

<< Me

I strongly dislike being in front of the camera, so most of my pictures are of the things I create or things I see that inspire me. I like very much to be behind it or along side it.  

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