Off the Rails in Pictures - Station to Station Memories a Year Later

I wish I had taken more photos. At the time it felt like I took enough. I didn't. If there's one thing I learned (and I learned many) on this trip, it's that you cannot take too many pictures. You can edit back, but you can't add more after it's all happened.

These sort of tell the story. Here's a little something to get you in the mood:

First stop: Bklyn, NYC. Yurts installed.

View from Bklyn production office. Spectacular.

After a fairly grueling bus ride from NY to DC, we met the STS train.

Hisham Bharoocha took this pic of Ryan Sawyer in the Sinatra lounge car. I could not come close to a photo as epic as this one. Follow Hisham on instagram: @softcircle. His images are fantastic. Follow Ryan & Hisham & Yoshimi when they collide to do Boredoms gigs... follow them regardless. They are spectacularly talented and wonderful people.

The Sinatra Lounge Car looked like this.

Hisham, Ryan & Yoshimi in Pittsburgh... and an impromtu lobby drum finale after the show:

Interior of Urs Fischer Yurt. Site of a later "bed-in" with Ariel Pink.

One of the narrow hallways of the STS train. It took a while to learn to walk without falling over.

Olafur Eliasson's kinetic drawing machine tracking our movements across the country.

Thurston Moore & John Maloney in the recording car.

I call this one "View from a Moving Train at Sunset (Bunny)"

Thurston & John soundchecking Caught on Tape.

And the prize for best stage plot ever goes to... John Maloney for Caught on Tape!

Mavis Staples had just had a hip replacement. We'd never have known. She killed it.

Union Station, Chicago. Production guys had a job to make this sound good.

I call this one "View from a Moving Train 2 (over the Mississippi)"

Greta read my cards somewhere between Chicago and Minneapolis (or was it Pittsburgh and Chicago). The verdict either way? I'm a mess.

This was the night that Patti Smith yelled at me... and then apologied. I was slightly traumatized, but she is a goddess. I would have her yell at me 100 times more. No problem.

Meta moment. Me, shooting this kid, shooting me outside of Milwaukee.

Rolling into Chicago at night. This one is out of order... but nevermind.

Chicago architecture show down.

Doug directs from the platform in Kansas City. Where I got sick and everyone else

had amazing BBQ.

That time we had to get out of Dodge... because it was so apocolyptic.

This landscape really exists outside of Nat Geo instagram feeds. Beautiful.

We stopped in Raton to film and pick up a bunch of southwestern gear: cowboy hats, bandanas and turquoise. Natch.

Oh Santa Fe, we wish we had more time to spend with you. Everyone was so NICE in Santa Fe and everything just looked cool.

Chan (Cat Power) met us in Santa Fe and we all fell in love with her.

This is Chan in Winslow, actually.

I mean... seriously... can it get any cooler than... TRAINS?

Barstow site was like living on Mars. By this time I was nearly a dead man walking, ie: delirious from flu like virus thing. Held it together and witnessed the genius that is Beck while Peter Coffin's UFO flew overhead.

The scenery that whizzes by the train window is something you'll likely not have the opportunity to catch in very many other ways.

Completely missed taking any photos at the LA show due to the whistlestop timeframe and the fact that we were technically "home" but not yet home.

So on to Oakland... the site of the final happening.

The venue was an abandoned train station. Perfect.

There was a bit of nature hiding round the back...

The last Olaf Breuning smoke bomb "performance".

Yerin and I decided to get up in it.

Dan Decon closed it all down. Epic.

Me. Train.

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