Off the Rails with Station to Station, part V: Gettin' Out of Dodge

Memoirs from the train on Doug Aitken’s Station to Station tour. Originally published via Art Nerd Los Angeles.

Chicago > St. Paul > KC > Dodge

This mid section of the trip and, indeed, the country took us to places that many of us had never been before. The view from the train as we barreled down the tracks was stunning. It was impossible to take a bad picture.

In St. Paul we made our way to Mickey’s Diner for burgers and milk shakes. Their website states that Mickey’s has been St. Paul’s 24-hour host since 1939. The fact that the diner is housed in an art deco style railroad car threw us over the edge. We could not get enough “train”.

The St. Paul Happening brought Patti Smith to the stage with her son Jackson. Needless to say… we were all humbled by her presence. Gary Louris from the Jawhawks joined Patti & Jackson along with some of our STS train musos (among them, our recording car engineer Justin Stanley).

We made a whistle stop in Kansas City and hosted a pop up performance with Eleanor Friedberger, and local KC bands The Blood Birds & The Conquerors.

We stopped over in Dodge City to break up the long journey from KC to Raton. We were extremely delayed getting into Dodge so our time there was fleeting. Sleep deprivation hit an all time high with very few hours spent in dream-land. We were there only long enough to be able to say we “got the heck out of Dodge”… and this made us very happy. It’s the little things after all.

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