Re-use, re-purpose

Ok here’s the thing: I go to a lot of rock shows and I buy a lot of rock band t-shirts. I like ‘em. Always have. There are some classic, covetable graphics in the rock tee archives, clearly, or urban outfitters wouldn’t be selling distressed “Dark Side Of The Moon” shirts. Whether the image was properly licensed is questionable, but I’ll leave that for another blog to tackle.

My issue is that of the shirt itself… I mean what do I do with it once I bring it home? Wear it to the gym? Sleep in it? I try to toss it on with some “hip casual” ensemble and it fails every time. Why? Because the shape of the average t-shirt sucks and it is not meant for a girl to wear. What a about “girlie tees”, you ask? Um, have your ever put on a girlie tee? Who designed these odd shaped atrocities? If making anyone’s but Kate Moss’ arms look like sausages and having to buy a XL when you usually wear a small is what they’re going for then, hey, well done! But if that’s not your thing, then what the hell? Tshirt dress. Yes. That’s what I’m talking about. What smart band is going to be the one to save us from concert tee abuse? I’m talking to you, Alison Mosshart and Shirley Manson, my ladies of fierce fashion. Make it happen. I know you can.

Til then, I’m making my own.

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