On Location

Living in the hi-desert has its perks. The weather is outstanding, views arespectacular and on any given day I can watch quail, bunnies, roadrunners and the occasional bold coyote just outside my office window. The quail and bunnies are pretty much standard fare, but the coyote and roadrunner will incite shrieks every time. You will know this if you’ve ever been on the phone with me when one strolls by. I do love a roadrunner.

Another perk, at least I consider it one, is the sheer otherworldly-ness of the place: the rocks that look like a child stacked them haphazardly, the endless “beige” of the sandy desert floor, the spiky green of the yuccas and joshua trees. These are the things that bring folks like epic photographer Danny Clinch and Esquire Magazine to our humble locale and this is when my desert life experience pays off big-style.

Anthony Hamilton, Chris Daughtry, Craig Finn, Rhett Miller and Sam Roberts piled into a bus in Los Angeles and ended up in Pioneertown eating Pappy & Harriet’s BBQ. Danny shot two days of video and images for Esquire. I made good as a location scout. Snap.

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